Giants Software announces the Platinum Expansion for FS19

Today at their FarmCon event in Harsewinkel at Class headquarters, Giants Software announced their Platinum Expansion featuring about 35 new vehicles and implements. It was anticipated that the expansion will feature Claas as the FarmCon event was taking place at their headquarters. And those who were expecting Claas to be featured in the expansion were right.

The video released by Giants confirms that Claas will be in the game with a whole bunch of vehicles (tractors, harvesters) and implements (balers). You can watch the video below

The expansion is set to release on PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 22 October 2019. Information regarding pricing and additional features (new crops maybe) is not yet available.

Those who pre-order the expansion also get some bonus content: the Claas Dominator 108 SL Combine Harvester (with Claas C510 header and trailer) and the Claas Torion 1914 Dev Mule Design Wheel Loader.

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